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  • Van der Eecken, Tineke. A Place to Land. Poetry. Mulla Mulla Press, 2022, ISBN 978-0-6485424-9-0, Paperback, 85pp. 

  • Van der Eecken, Tineke. Traverse. Memoir. Wild Weeds Press, 2018. ISBN 978-0-6483206-7-8, Paperback, 220pp

  • Van der Eecken, Tineke. Cafe d'Afrique: A Personal Discovery. Autobiographical Fiction. Tineke Creations, Perth, 2012. ISBN 978-0-9872492-0-3, Paperback.

  • 'Tributum', the other side of hope, Issue 1, 2021.

  • 'Nuggets and Dust', Poetry d'Amour 2021, WA Poets Publishing. 

  • 'My weeds’, Brushstrokes II, Ros Spencer Poetry Contest Anthology 2020–21, WA Poets Publishing.

  • Going Out to Dinner’, Tamba Issue 6, 2021, Goulburn Valley Writers Group. 

  • ‘In the Sinaai fields’, Grieve, Volume 9, 2021, Hunter Writers Centre (in publication).

  • ‘Parole’, The Lake, May 2021.

  • ‘A bark in the park’, Burrow, Issue 3, 2021.

  • ‘A ship waits to enter the dock’, The Lake, 2021.

  • 'Bush Tucker' published in Famous Reporter 44, Walleah Press, December 2012

  • ‘For Séraphine' published in Blackmail Press 31 'Marginalization', New Zealand, January 2012

Other publications
  • 'For Séraphine' spoken word, Going Down Swinging #35, 2014

  • Feature for Uneven Floor, May 2013: includes Parole (with video), For Séraphine, Like a person, Val di Mello (with audio), Plat du jour, A Bark in de Park.

  • Poetry d’Amour Love Poems (2012-now), WA Poets Inc

  • Creative Connections (2012 – now), WA Poets Inc

  • Recoil, Mulla Mulla Press (since 2017)

  • OOTA Anthology, Out of the Asylum Writers, from 2013

  • Creatrix, Poetry and Haiku Journal, since 2011



  • Vlaamse vliegende rechter houdt in Australië mensen uit de cel, Het Nieuwsblad, 17 augustus 2004

  • Down Under Boven, De Morgen, 14 augustus 2004

  • Vliegende rechter langs de laatste grens. Slagerszoon uit Bocholt spreekt recht voor Aboriginals in Australië in Het Nieuwsblad/De Gentenaar/Het Volk, 27-28th March 2004

Short Stories
  • ‘The Art Critic and Me’ in Pen Factor

  • 'The Convoy' in Dreamcatcher 24, short story, UK, Summer 2011

  • 'Dive the deep blue' in Indigo 5, short story, Australia, Summer 2010

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