Spoken Poems
A passion for poetry

Tineke Van der Eecken grew up in Belgium, a trilingual country where she studied ancient Greek and Latin, and other European languages. Working in Africa gave her an opportunity to study Kirundi. By the age of 25 she had studied nine languages. This rich language background formed the basis of a series of multilingual and other poems, which the author has self-published as poetry zines.


Tineke’s poetry is published in The Lake, Burrow, Tamba, Blackmail Press, Famous Reporter, Indigo Literary Magazine, Going Down Swinging, Creatrix, Uneven Floor and Poetry d’Amour.  Tineke is shortlisted for the Ros Spencer Poetry Award 2020-2021.  She has been working on her manuscript 'A Place to Land' which is ready for publication.

Language: Spoken Poems

'Language' is a collection of performance poems, many of them multi-lingual. It includes the title poem 'Parole' and the 'Ode to Brel' which won the 2012 OOTA Split Ink Award for Poetry. 'For Seraphine' also features in this collection. This is a poem Tineke wrote for in honour of the many civil casualties in Burundi and Rwanda where she lived and worked in the early 1990s.  

Penelope's Dreams - Poems

'Penelope's Dreams' is a collection of poems (in English) and photos by Tineke inspired by the Odyssea and a trip to Delphi as part of "The Delphi Project."

"A journey of this kind offers the reader a catharsis – an ancient Greek word that we are fond of and which our western consciousness is perhaps wired for. The journey from pity and fear to renewal and restoration. Tineke is the queen of travel, she knows that a journey is a necessary catharsis. And this one you can hold in the palm of your hand." Jennifer Kornberger.

The quote is from the launch speech in Perth by Jennifer Kornberger, and is published in full as an introduction to the book. 

Geen plek om te landen

Tineke Van der Eecken's 'Geen Plek om te Landen' is a selection of poems in Dutch language. Most of these poems were originally written in English, and later transformed by Tineke in her mother tongue, Dutch